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Olympic Integrated Bodywork, PLLC was founded in 2016.

With a focus in injury treatment and recovery- the techniques and modalities used are to address the space (or lack there-of!) between the structures of the body to help gain a better neutrality and poise.  

WA State Massage License - MA60429748                                                                   

OR State Massage License - 23753

Over 1500 hours of bodywork related education including-

Structural Integration, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Advanced IntraOral/TMJD/Whiplash Treatment, Postural Analysis, Orthopedic Massage


Now looking for Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, and NDs.

Interested in joining our team?  Email your CV or resume to info@olympicintegratedbodywork.com




215 W. Patison           

Port Hadlock ,WA                360.643.3366


By appointment only-      https://olympicintegratedbodywork.as.me       


What is Structural Integration?

Solid foundation begins at the feet and ankles.   

Solid foundation begins at the feet and ankles.  

The International Association for Structural Integrators describes SI as a type of bodywork that focuses on the connective tissue, or fascia, of the body.  Fascia surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, organs, and nerves, binding some structures together while permitting others to slide smoothly over each other. 

Fascia is designed to be elastic and move freely with muscles and bones.  Injury, stress, work-related repetitive movements and the effects of aging can cause fascia to lose its elasticity and become shorter, tighter, and more dense.  Tightened fascia pulls our muscles and skeleton out of proper alignment and posture, which can cause pain, discomfort, and fatigue.  

Structural Integration techniques work to lengthen, stretch, and soften this tissue to restore postural balance, transfer of movement, and a feeling of higher levels of organization in your own body.  It is practiced in a series of sessions or individual sessions within a framework that is designed to restore postural balance by aligning and integrating the body in gravity.  Structural Integration is based on the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf.  It is practiced by persons trained in Structural Integration at schools and institutions in accordance with the standards established by the International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI).




Ten Series

$150 — When you pay per session
$1425 — When you pay in full

Individual Sessions

$200 — Single Session
$450 — 3 Session Package

What is Orthopedic Massage?


Orthopedic Massage Therapy is a multidisciplinary approach to relieving muscular and soft tissue pain, dysfunction, and injuries.  It is also utilized to help clients regain and improve their health and fitness.  A multidisciplinary approach is far more powerful than one technique or form of treatment.

Who benefits from Orthopedic Massage Therapy?
Clients who benefit from orthopedic massage suffer from conditions including:

Chronic pain and sports injuries
Thoracic-outlet syndrome
Rotator-cuff injuries
Bicipital tendinitis
Shoulder impingement
Carpal-tunnel syndrome
Nerve entrapments
Progressive joint arthritis
Low back pain
Bulging discs
SI joint pain


“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”

— Alexander the Great