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The body is an incredible thing….

I am constantly awestruck by the impeccable perfection of the body and its ability to perform the daily miracles we demand of it.

The function and mechanism of response the body has to pain, trauma and general unease is fascinating to me. When in pain for chronic periods of time, the systems in the body can respond in very unique ways. In my practice, I invite clients to become re-oriented with their body by creating an understanding of the connections and relationship of our internal body to the external world.

My work is to facilitate individuals to take charge of their well-being through education. This may be a simple “A-HA!” moment as to specific activities which are creating more pain/strain, or more often than not, an unraveling process of old injuries, patterns and stuck tissue. Either way, we work together to find your best suited needs.

Frequently I am asked what “kind” or “style” of massage I offer, as it is unique to many people. I utilize an array of training, listening, intuition, feedback and personal experience to find what works best for you, but please know my style of work is not for everyone. While I honor the type of work you are seeking- whether it is active or passive, I prefer to keep clients engaged, active and most of all, participate in their care.

I was led into the world of Bodywork through herbalism, fitness, energy healing, aromatherapy and my own chronic pain from injuries. My interests of the natural world, anatomy, kinesiology/movement, sustainability, permaculture and education drive my curiosity forward and I am continuously growing myself and my practice with this work.

Looking forward to working together,


My Training

Everest College- Massage Therapy Degree; Dean’s List- 2013

Port Townsend School of Massage- Advanced Orthopedic Certification- 2015-2016

Northwest Center for Structural Integration- Structural Integration Practitioner Intensive- 2016-2019, Basic and Advanced Structural Bodywork Seminar- 2017

Many other continuing education classes which include: Deep Tissue, Bindegewebmassagen, Aromatherapy,TMJ/Whiplash treatment & IntraOral Endorsement, and geriatric massage.

WA State Massage License - MA60429748

OR State Massage License - 23753



I am in office Tues-Fri

By appointment only please-      https://olympicintegratedbodywork.as.me