What Other People Say:

*‘My neck has never been able to release through massage, or stretching. Emily had it release in one session, I am so grateful for her knowledge about the body and her ability to release all of those "stuck" parts.

*‘I was hesitant to work with Emily because I heard that Rolfing/Structural Integration was painful and aggressive. After many months of living in pain my friend finally convinced me to see her. I wish I would not have waited so long! She worked gently and efficiently, had a great sense of humor and was able to help me get through the more painful areas with movement and humor. I now see her regularly and am so so so grateful my friend convinced me to let go of my pain!! (You’re awesome Emily!)’

*‘Emily is brilliant. She has devoted many many years to educating herself in healing and body work. Her ability to connect science, intuition, spirit, and heart amaze and encourage me in my own life. Her ability to help heal and to give me insight into my own body keep me coming back.’

*‘I took a class with Emily. I found that she is very skilled and intuitive as a Structural Integration Practitioner.’

*‘Emily is a concerned therapist who listens to your pain and works diligently to remedy and relieve the problem. She cares about the client in her hands, to her it is a life of helping others not just a job.’

*‘I have received massage from Emily several times and I am always impressed about how knowledgeable she is about the human body. I trust her to get the work done that I'm needing - I never feel like I'm taking a chance of not getting my issue resolved. I never regret calling her to work on me.’

*‘I had the opportunity to “shadow” Emily during one of her sessions with a client. I was amazed at the immediate connection she had with her client and how they worked together. The way she explains body movement is simple and makes it easy to understand what she sees and feels.’

*‘Professional in her approach. A good listener and adjusts her treatment to fit the concerns of her patient. She blends several structural integration techniques as are appropriate. Of 3 practitioners in her field, she is by far the most effective.’

*‘Emily really knows what she is doing. Highly trained, intuitive and kind, she can make a difference with just one visit. She has saved me from dangerous medical procedures and medications. Thank you Emily! I recommend her to everyone, no matter the physical difficulty, she will know what to do.’

*’Best massage I’ve ever had in my life!’

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